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The Textile Industry:

CMC as a Warp size, as a thickener in printing pastes and as an ingredient in various finishes. High film strength Thickener, good adhesion to fiber, film former.

Paint Industry:

In paint Manufacture CMC is used as a Viscosity control agent in emulsion Paints, where it also has a beneficial influence on brush ability. In distempers it is used as a binder porous surfaces like wall board, plaster etc. are sized with a CMC solution before the aaplication of oil paints. CMC is an excellent bodying agent for fillers.

Soaps & Detergents:

A very special property of CMC is utilized the addition of a small amount of CMC to a detergents especially a synthetic detergent results in a marked improvement of its soil suspending properties.Synthetic detergents as a class are comparatively poor in this respect and the practice of adding CMC to them is universal, but modern soap base compounds are also generally fortified in the samy way.


For manufacturing of pesticides powders CMC is used to improve suspensibility and to act as a “sticker” where necessary. Oil Well Drilling: Oil well drillers use CMC as a Conditioning agent for their drilling mud.

Paper & Corrugated Board Industry:

In multi wall paper rack manufacture CMC pastes have an advantages of cleanliness and economy and in corrugated board it is used as a viscosity control agent and stabilizer for starch pastes and sometimes also an adhesive in its own right.

Ceramic Industries:

Ceramic Industries: In the Ceramic Industries CMC finds use as stabilizer and binder for glazes for improving green strength of moulded, thrown or slipeast bodies as secondary binder for various specially product, like refrectory trowelling  compound and as an organic pesticider for casting slips.


For Textiles & Paints Industries Low Viscosity
For Textiles & Paints Industries Medium Viscosity
For Textiles & Paints Industries High  Viscosity
For Pesticides                                   
Medium Viscosity
For Detergents
Low Viscosity
For Ceramics Low Viscosity

Moisture Content of CMC at the time of packing is 10% maximum.

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